A couple purchasing an item at the butcher counter in a store.

Weights and Measures

Promoting a fair and equitable marketplace for businesses and consumers.
Weights and Measures in New York State
Promoting a Fair and Equitable Marketplace

The Department is dedicated to promoting a fair and equitable marketplace in New York State by assuring measurement accuracy. Staff in the Division of Weights and Measures across the state inspect everything from commercial scales and gas pumps to thousands of different packaged commodities, including those packed at the retail store and those packed at factories both nationally and internationally. 

Because of this work, buyers can be confident that they will get what they pay for in New York, whether it's a gallon of gasoline or a pound of deli meat. Sellers can also be assured that they are participating in a marketplace based on fair competition. We are proud to protect every consumer and every business in New York State.

Local Weights and Measures Departments
Make Your Voice Heard
Questions, comments or complaints? There are 60 county and city weights and measures departments across the state that provide services to their communities. Contact them to ask a question or make a complaint about petroleum terminal meters, vehicle scales, and more.