The Bureau of Weights and Measures annually licenses about 3,000 individuals to certify the accuracy of shipments of bulk commodities like feed and fertilizer. Weighmasters form an important net of responsible citizens that facilitate the fair exchange of commodities in the state.


Licensed weighmasters are charged to accurately weigh bulk shipments of commodities and issue a certified weight ticket for the shipment bearing their signature and license number. The certified weight ticket provides assurance that the weight is fair and accurate.

In particular, any company that sells coal, coke, feed for domestic animals, fertilizer, or lime must provide the buyer with a certified weight ticket issued by a licensed weighmaster. Any transporter of those commodities, or of household goods being shipped by weight, must have a certified weight ticket in his/her possession when on the public highways. The law does not cover transportation involving whole rail cars or ships.

Per Agriculture and Markets Law section 195:

  1. No person shall act as a weighmaster, issue or sign any weight tickets, or carry out any of the functions of a weighmaster unless licensed.
  2. Each weight ticket issued by a weighmaster shall contain the date, full signature and license number of the weighmaster.
  3. Each weighmaster shall retain a copy of every weight ticket issued for a period of one year.
  4. No weighmaster shall make or issue a false or incorrect weight ticket, nor shall any person solicit him/her to do so. No person shall knowingly use a false or incorrect weight ticket. No weighmaster shall permit any weight ticket to be issued or used which purports to bear his/her signature and was not in fact signed by him/her, or expresses a weight not ascertained by him/her.

Get Licensed

Any person may apply for a weighmaster license. There is a $15 fee that must accompany your application. The fee will be returned if your application is denied.

To qualify, the applicant shall provide evidence of good character; the ability to weigh accurately and make correct weight tickets; and access to a suitable stationary scale that has been tested and certified by either a state or municipal weights and measures official.

Complete the application below and return it to the address at the top with your check for $15 made payable to the "Commissioner of Agriculture and Markets."

Find a Weighmaster


Weighmasters may weigh items for the public when needed. For example, they may weigh custom built trailers to provide the unloaded weight values needed to register the trailer with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Find a licensed weighmaster near you in the document below.