August 12, 2019
Syracuse, NY

New Trolley Enhances Options for Getting from One End of the 2019 Great New York State Fair to the Other

New Trolley Enhances Options for Getting from One End of the 2019 Great New York State Fair to the Other

The new Broadway Bubble Express might be the most fun way to get across a large portion of the 2019 Great New York State Fair. The trackless trains will travel the length of the Fair’s main street, Broadway, to give fairgoers an inexpensive and fun way to get off their feet. The trains will run each day until 8 p.m. and join the Fair’s roster of transport options at the Fairgrounds. “We’re continuing to look for more and better ways to help people get where they’re going across our huge grounds. This will be a more leisurely way to go, but it will be fun and it’s something even the littlest fairgoers can enjoy. Who doesn’t love trains?” said Troy Waffner, Fair Director. Up to three trains will operate at a time. Each train can carry about 18 people in its five cars. At certain points in each trip, the engineer will make the locomotive blow bubbles from its smokestack. Trains will pick up and drop off people at each end of Broadway with an intermediate stop at the Expo Center. Rides on the train will cost $3 per person. Children can receive a train whistle and bubbles for an additional $2. Other options for getting around the Fairgrounds include the Fair’s traditional free trams, which stop at various points as they circle the grounds in a continuous loop. New this year will be five express trams, which will pick up and drop off only at Gate 10 and at Gate 12 at the edge of Chevy Court. Several trams are accessible for those with mobility issues. The Fair’s free trams are powered by Chevrolet. The Broadway Skyliner ride also remains an option for those seeking not only transportation but an eagle’s eye view of the Fair. Founded in 1841, the Great New York State Fair is America’s third largest state fair. The Fair showcases the best of New York agriculture, provides top-quality entertainment and is a key piece of Governor Cuomo’s CNY Rising strategy of growing the Central New York economy through tourism. Fair attendance is up more than 40% since the beginning of more than $120 million in investments, with 1.27 million people attending the Fair in 2018. The 2019 Fair runs from August 21 to September 2. Information about the Fair can be found here.