The Milk Marketing Advisory Council (MMAC) brings producers, processors, retailers, and consumers together to provide insight and advice to the Department on programs and policies pertaining to the challenging issues facing the New York dairy industry.  

The MMAC was reconvened in 2016 under Commissioner Ball.  The Advisory Council is composed of more than two-dozen members from the dairy manufacturing and processing sectors and from dairy farmer cooperative associations. Additionally, milk consumers and milk retailers are also represented. The MMAC provides a forum for communication and networking between dairy community leaders to discuss issues such as the current milk market situation, increased production, and trade policies.


The following are the members of the Milk Marketing Advisory Council:

  • Commissioner Richard A. Ball
  • Dr. Andy Novakovic, Chair
  • Tonya Vanslyke
  • Chris Laughton
  • James Davenport
  • Rick Naczi
  • Ed Gallagher
  • Mark Broadhurst
  • Paula O'Brien
  • Sheila Marshman
  • Craig Alexander
  • Ed Schoen
  • Chris Noble
  • David Fisher
  • Doug Shelmidine
  • Benjamin Z. Houlton
  • Kevin Ellis
  • Mike Barnes
  • Brad Keating
  • Melissa Johnson
  • Bethany Wallis

  • Larry Webster

  • Catherine de Ronde

Next Meeting

Information about the next meeting of the Milk Marketing Advisory Council will posted here when it is available.

Past Meeting Materials

The most recent meeting of the Milk Marketing Advisory Council took place on October 13, 2022. The meeting minutes and other materials are available below. Access the October meeting recording.

The meeting minutes and additional materials from the March 21, 2022 meeting are posted below. Access the March meeting recording

If you are looking for materials from another previous meeting, please contact us.

For minutes and materials from other previous meetings, please contact the Division of Milk Control and Dairy Services.