Tax Credits

Agricultural Buildings Tax Credit

For newly constructed or reconstructed agricultural structures, New York's Real Property Tax Law allows a ten-year property tax exemption. Application for the exemption must be made within one year after the completion of such construction. The agricultural structures and buildings will be exempt from any increase in the property's assessed value resulting from the improvement.

Once granted, the exemption continues automatically for ten years. The exemption will terminate before the ten-year period if the building or structure ceases to be used for farming operations, or the building or structure or land is converted to a non-agricultural or non-horticultural use.

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Farmers' School Tax Credit

The Farmers' School Property Tax Credit enables farmers to receive a tax credit from the state personal income tax or the corporation franchise tax to reimburse some or all of the school district property taxes paid by the farmer.

Eligible farmers or corporations must be defined as an "eligible farmer," must own qualified agricultural property, must pay eligible school taxes during the year, and must be below the income limitation amount. View the resources below to learn more about these eligibility restrictions and how you can benefit from the program.