A field of industrial hemp

Industrial Hemp

New York is cultivating the industrial hemp market and supporting new opportunities to grow this multi-million dollar crop.
Industrial Hemp
Industrial Hemp in New York State
Supporting New Opportunities to Innovate

New York State is committed to being a global leader in industrial hemp. This industry is emerging as a potentially significant agricultural commodity. It is already generating nearly $600 million per year nationally and has the potential to grow several times over in the years to come. Now, we have an incredible chance to leverage some of our best assets — our innovative farmers and businesses, top-notch research institutions, ample land, and access to water — to further cultivate this industry.

Our Industrial Hemp Agricultural Research Pilot Program now has 99 processors registered, 537 growers, and 19 combined growers and processors. Altogether, the program has over 25,000 acres of registered hemp production. In support of the program’s growth, the Department participates in and facilitates conversations among key industry players including farmers, researchers, academic partners, and other state agencies.

Planting the Seeds for the Industrial Hemp Industry

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