IFB 0300 - Signage and Related Services at the New York State Fairgrounds


The Department is inviting qualified bidders to submit proposals for the design, production, delivery, and, if requested, installation and/or removal of signage for the Great New York State Fair. The goal of this IFB is to retain a contractor to design, produce or manufacture, deliver, and, if requested, install or remove signage for the State Fair. 

The Fairgrounds are located at 581 State Fair Boulevard in Syracuse, New York. The property is a 375-acre site owned and operated by the Department, which is home to the State Fair.

The contract resulting from this IFB will commence on June 1, 2024 and end on March 31, 2027.


You may review all requirements for this funding opportunity on the Contract Reporter website: New York State Contract Reporter (ny.gov).