Healthy Communities

Children enjoying school lunch in the cafeteria.

Farm-to-School Initiatives Support Farmers and Students

New York's Farm-to-School program continues to lead the nation.
Healthy Communities in New York
Increasing Food Access and Supporting Economic Opportunities

The Department is committed to helping New Yorkers increase their access to fresh, local, healthy foods, and supporting new economic opportunities for farmers, through programs such as the Community Gardens program, the Council on Hunger and Food Policy, and the Farmers' Market Nutrition Program.

Connecting Schools with Local Farms and Food Producers

The Department helps schools, farms, distributors, and other supporting organizations provide our school children with nutritious, delicious, seasonally varied meals from foods produced by local farms and food processors.

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Statewide Initiatives Innovating Across New York State

Nourish New York reroutes surplus agricultural products to populations who need them most through NY's network of food banks.

Increasing Brooklyn residents' access to nutritious food through the Food Insecurity Screening Pilot Program and more.

A collaborative effort across the food supply chain that connects government entities, farmers, and food processors. 

Council on Hunger and Food Policy

The Council on Hunger and Food Policy was established in 2016 to expand on New York State's existing programs to provide food assistance for New Yorkers in need, and to establish a permanent focus on fighting hunger in the state. The Council advises on strategies to address hunger needs and expand the availability of fresh, locally grown foods for New Yorkers living in communities with limited access.
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New York Food Supply Working Group
Improving the Resiliency of New York’s Farm and Food Systems

The New York Food Supply Working Group was created to define recommendations and make other observations relating to New York State’s food supply resiliency and self-reliance.

Made up of representatives from farming, food processing, food retail, academia, and more, the Working Group will develop a report on the state’s farm and food supply chain logistics to address market disruptions that occurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, food shortages, and food waste.

Community Gardens and Urban Agriculture
Building Greener, Healthier Cities

Connecting gardeners to resources in their communities.

Facilitating the use of vacant public lands for community gardens.

Innovating within cities to grow food, raise animals, and promote sustainability.