Boardwalk of fair during the day

The Great New York State Fair


The Great New York State Fair and its newly revitalized 375-acre Fairgrounds in Syracuse are used to promote and highlight New York State and its agriculture, commerce, arts, and sciences to residents and visitors to New York. As part of this mission, the New York State Fair provides an educational forum for agriculture and commerce, provides affordable, quality entertainment and educational opportunities, contributes to the efforts of the state, industry, associations and private businesses in the promotion and marketing of agriculture and agri-business, and creatively provides opportunities for economic growth by producing revenues and providing jobs.


The Fair's priority is attracting people to this unique tourism asset, which is the nation's first and oldest State Fair. The Fair has been at its current location since 1890. It began in 1841 and now attracts over 1.2 million people each year. Further, the Fairgrounds host over 180 events year-round, bringing an estimated 1 million additional annual visitors.