Bales of hay in the foreground with New York State farmland behind.


Farming in New York State
Supporting the Agricultural Community

We are always focused on our core goal: supporting New York State's farmers. Our Divisions administer a variety of diverse programs that connect the agricultural community with the right resources and help them reach new customers, steward their land, keep their livestock healthy, safeguard their food and plants, and more. 

Promoting Diversity in Agriculture

Farmers are as diverse as the crops and products they produce. We are committed to increasing diversity and equity in New York's agricultural industries.

Get connected with programs that offer targeted support and opportunities to underrepresented groups in farming. 

Get Involved
Farm Employer Overtime Credit Advance
You may qualify for a a refundable tax credit.
The New York State Farm Directory
Connecting Consumers to Producers of Farm Products
In February of 2022, Section 16(52) of the New York State Agriculture and Markets Law was amended to require the Department to create a directory that includes every farm in New York State. The purpose of the directory is to connect consumers to producers of farm products, helping to strengthen the food supply chain across New York. Learn more about the directory and how to participate.
The Emergency Management Program
Resources for Preventing and Responding to Disasters and Emergencies
The Emergency Management Program supports and prepares the Department and the New York agriculture community for disasters and emergencies that may affect them, the industry, and the citizens of the State of New York.
Industry Alert: USDA has confirmed cases of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) in livestock in various parts of the country.