Supporting Diversity in Agriculture

Diversity and Racial Equity Report

Released in 2021, the Department's Diversity and Racial Equity Working Group Report acts as a guideline to support the Department's strategic planning, opportunity development, and staffing priorities in the area of diversity and inclusion.

Several accomplishments have been achieved as a result of the report. 

  • Increased awareness within state government of the distinct challenges faced by New York’s Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) agriculture community.
  • Relevant allocations in New York’s FY2023 budget:
    • $1 million for the development of a beginning farmers program
    • $4 million for a program supporting economically and socially disadvantaged farmers
    • $200,000 for Black Farmers United – New York State
    • $50,000 for Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences, (MANRRS)
    • $700,000 for the Farmers’ Market Resiliency grant program
    • $800,000 for the Urban Farms and Community Gardens grant programs
  • The Department appointed an executive-level staff member dedicated to raising and addressing issues and opportunities to be addressed in cooperation with the rest of the agency.
  • The Department developed a newsletter of resources (Information & Opportunities) with content specific to informing members of historically underserved and underrepresented groups in agriculture.
  • The Department created an email address for the public to have a means of direct communication with the Department ([email protected]).
  • In partnership with the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA), Cornell Cooperative Extension-Orange County, and Chester Agricultural Center, growers that participated in a recent pilot GAP certification presentation are eligible for individual payments of at least $300 in addition to the Department's standard reimbursement program.

The Department continues to thoughtfully engage BIPOC organizations, growers, and allies to provide valuable input and perspectives as we develop new opportunities and face challenges from old barriers of inequity. 

Information & Opportunities Newsletter

The Information & Opportunities newsletter aims to inform members of historically underserved and underrepresented groups in agriculture, and raise awareness of new funding and community opportunities in New York State. The newsletter comes out on a monthly basis, with more issues released as the Department is made aware of time-sensitive opportunities. 

If you have information of value to share with others in the diverse New York agricultural community, please feel free to send it to [email protected] to be considered for inclusion in future Information & Opportunities messages. This email address is your direct link to the Department for independent communication, questions, concerns, and more.

Please see the three most recent editions of Information & Opportunities below. To access other previous editions, please email [email protected]

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