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Apply to the Farmers' Market Nutrition Program

The New York State Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) consists of two programs: the Women, Infants, and Children Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (WIC FMNP) and the Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP). Consumers who are eligible for these programs are provided checks to redeem for fresh, local fruits and vegetables at participating farmers' markets and farm stands.

Participating in FMNP as a farmer supports economic development by increasing sales at farmers' markets and farm stands. It also helps to promote the growth of family farms by creating a market for their fresh, local fruit and vegetables.

Farmers and farmers' markets must apply to participate in this program, so that consumers participating in the WIC and Senior programs can use their benefits. Consumers use Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) Checks to purchase fresh, local, unprocessed fruits, vegetables, and culinary herbs only from farmers participating in the FMNP, and at markets in New York State participating in the program.

Farmer Application 

Farmers interested in applying to the FMNP need to apply to the program each year before accepting any FMNP checks at a farmers' market, farm stand, or mobile market.

Before you apply, please read the Rules and Procedures for Farmers (FMC-5). This document is also available in Spanish.

A complete application for the program must include:

  1. FMNP Farmer Participation Agreement (FMC-6)
  2. Completed training

These application documents must be submitted and farmers must be authorized on a yearly basis.

Additional Required Forms

Farmers participating in FMNP must also fill out a Crop Plan (FMC-12) each year. This form must be provided to every market manager where FMNP checks are accepted, every year.

Farmers who operate a Farm Stand in the FMNP must also apply as a market each year.


Check Redemption

Farmers’ Markets Nutrition Program Checks must be mailed, along with the Universal Redemption form, to:

Farmers' Market Federation of New York

109 Twin Oaks Drive, Suites U2-4

Syracuse, New York 13206



All farmers participating in the FMNP must meet an annual training requirement set by the Department.

New farmers must undergo a formal training offered by the Department or a market manager/sponsor using the Farmers' Market Nutrition Program training materials provided by the Department and submit documentation. Learn more about our training options, and register now for one of our upcoming training webinars or take a pre-recorded webinar.

Returning farmers meet the training requirement by reading the Rules and Procedures for Farmers (FMC-5) and by submitting a signed Farmer Participation Agreement (FMC-6).

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Apply to the FreshConnect Checks Program

The FreshConnect Checks Program was designed to increase the purchasing power of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) consumers by 40 percent while supporting local farmers, farmers’ markets, farm stands, and mobile markets. This program can be an additional revenue source for farmers or vendors, or a way to attract a new customer base. In 2014, the FreshConnect Checks Program became available to veterans, service members, and their immediate families to be used to purchase fresh foods at participating farmers' markets and farm stands.  

The FreshConnect Checks Program includes the farmers or vendors who sell SNAP eligible food items at any farmers' market, farm stand, or mobile market in New York State. It also includes farmers’ markets that enroll and participate in the NYS Wireless EBT Program and any farmers’ markets, farm stands, or mobile markets operating in New York State where eligible food items are sold.

Participating in FreshConnect

If you are a farmer or vendor interested in participating in the FreshConnect Checks Program, you must first:

  • Take a pre-recorded training webinar. This webinar is roughly 30 minutes long and involves a voluntary survey at the end. Those who wish to receive email confirmation of the training must take the survey;

  • Familiarize yourself with the rules and procedures for farmers and vendors participating in the FreshConnect program; and
  • Request a FCC FreshConnect Checks sign from the manager of your farmers' market, or from the Department. 
Check Redemption

FreshConnect Checks must be mailed, along with the Universal Redemption form, to:

Farmers' Market Federation of New York

109 Twin Oaks Drive, Suites U2-4

Syracuse, New York 13206


Eligible Food Items

FreshConnect Checks are used to purchase SNAP eligible food items. For a complete list of these food items, please refer to the USDA's list of SNAP eligible food items

Some examples of eligible and ineligible foods include:

Eligible (YES) NOT Eligible (NO)
Breads and cereals Beer, wine, and liquor
Fruits and vegetables Cigarettes and tobacco
Meats, fish, and poultry Pet foods
Honey Soaps and lotions
Coffee (whole beans and/or ground) Vitamins and medicines
Apple cider Hot foods to eat at the market
Dairy products Other prepared foods to eat at the market
Baked goods to eat at home  
Seeds and plants that produce food  


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