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Marketing Order Administration


The Department is responsible for the administration of all farm product Marketing Orders except those involving dairy products. Orders currently in place include the Apple Marketing Order, Apple Research and Development Program, Sour Cherry Marketing Order, Onion Research and Development Program, and the Cabbage Research and Development Program. Combined, these orders generate about $2 million in industry funds annually which are used to market and promote the subject products and to support market and production research.

Marketing Orders are initiated by grower-submitted and supported petitions which outline the industry-specific issues that might require the Department to collect assessments from producers for the purpose of marketing and/or research. Departmental review, public hearings, and a referendum vote by producers aid in determining if the order is to be adopted. Marketing Orders are also voted on periodically to ensure they are still endorsed by industry staff. For more information on this process, please contact us.

Next Meeting

Information about the next meetings of the Apple, Onion, Cabbage, and Sour Cherry Research and Development Program Advisory Boards will be posted here when it is available.

Previous Meetings

Meeting materials are posted below for the most recent Sour Cherry Marketing Order Advisory Committee meeting, held on May 4, 2022; the Apple Research and Development Program Advisory Board meeting, held on April 28, 2022; the Onion Research and Development Program Advisory Board meeting, held on February 10, 2022; and the the Cabbage Research and Development Program Advisory Board meeting, held on February 7, 2022. Additional materials will be posted here when they are available.

View the Onion Research and Development Program Advisory Board meeting recording.
View the Apple Research and Development Program Advisory Board meeting recording.

If you are looking for additional materials from these or other previous meetings, please contact us.

Suspension of the Sour Cherry Marketing Order

Commissioner Ball has approved a suspension of the Sour Cherry Marketing Order (SCMO), based on the recommendation of New York State’s SCMO Advisory Committee. As provided in the law governing Marketing Orders (Urban Development Corporation Act 174/68 Section 16-Y; found in the “Laws and Regulations” section of this page), the suspension of a Marketing Order may be imposed based on the advice and consent of the appropriate advisory board. Both marketing activities and assessment collections for the SCMO are currently suspended through the 2021-22 growing and marketing season. The issues surrounding this suspension can be found in the official Notice of Suspension, below. The SCMO Advisory Committee and the Department will continue discussions on New York State’s sour cherry industry leading into the following year, to determine whether activities should resume.

Laws and Regulations

Below are the laws and program regulations concerning current Marketing Orders (except for dairy).  If you are a grower, processor, or sales agent of either of the crops listed, please also refer to the “Reports” section of this page for additional program requirements.


Under active Marketing Orders, growers, processors, and/or sales agents of subject crops may be required to submit reports to the Department based on their planted acreage and/or sales of that crop. An assessment is calculated based on these reports. 

Payments are to be sent in to the Department via the following address, with checks made payable to “Empire State Development”:


New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets

Attention: Division of Agricultural Development

10B Airline Drive

Albany, New York 12335


Below are the reports required for current Marketing Orders. Please read the instructions carefully.