In February of 2022, Section 16(52) of the New York State Agriculture and Markets Law was amended to require the Department to create a directory that includes every farm in New York State. The purpose of the directory is to connect consumers to producers of farm products, helping to strengthen the food supply chain across New York.

Join the Directory

The Department is conducting outreach to identify all New York farms and their products for inclusion in the directory.

If you are associated with an active farm business, your farm should provide the information it wishes to share with the public, including available products, by visiting https://farmdirectory.agriculture.ny.gov/Farms. We recommend that you provide the business address for the farm that is most useful to the public. In addition, you may provide web addresses and other contact information for the farm’s listing. Your participation will help to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the directory.

The law requires that a farm that does not wish to be listed in the directory must notify the Department of its decision to opt out, which can also be done at https://farmdirectory.agriculture.ny.gov/Farms. An opt-out will continue for the life of the farm directory.

Search the Directory

View the list of farms that have shared their information on the directory.

Search the Directory