Farmers' Markets

Carrots and radishes on sale at a farmers' market.

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Farmers' Markets
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Farmers' Market Programs in New York State
Promoting Fresh, Healthy Food Statewide
In the past decade, the number of farmers' markets in New York State has grown at a rapid rate, and new markets are created all the time. Today, New York has more than 400 farmers’ markets, 250 farm stands, and 10 mobile markets.

The Department supports the state’s network of farmers’ markets through programs that expand sales, promote improved nutrition, and help increase consumption of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables. These programs enhance the many important economic, educational, and social benefits that farmers' markets bring to their communities, like offering a marketplace for farmers to sell their products and providing healthy, local foods to consumers.
Working at a Farmers' Market
Expanding Farmers' Reach to New Consumers
Sell Products at a Market

There are several programs available to help New York farmers sell their products and increase sales at farmers’ markets across the state.

Operate a Market

Interested in starting a farmers’ market or need help managing one?  Find certification information, training requirements, and other resources to start a new farmers’ market or to help you better run your market.

Sanitary Guidance
Food Safety at Farmers' Markets
The Department regulates vendors at farmers’ markets to ensure compliance with New York State food sanitation requirements and to ensure that food is not adulterated or misbranded as outlined in Article 17 of Agriculture and Markets Law. This includes vendors selling raw agricultural products, such as produce and eggs, and processed, packaged foods, such as baked goods and preserved foods.