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Division of Weights and Measures

Division of Weights and Measures


The mission of the Division of Weights and Measures is to promote equity in all commercial transactions based on weight or measure.

The Division works with municipal officials throughout the state to assure accuracy in all commercial transactions based on weight or measure and to assure the quality of petroleum products offered for sale. These activities ensure equity so that consumers get what they pay for and businesses enjoy a marketplace based on fair competition.

The Division is active in many areas, from administering the state’s Petroleum Quality Program and Clean Air Program to operating a metrology laboratory to calibrate a wide range of measurement standards for private industry, municipalities, and other government agencies. Staff administer a licensing program for approximately 3,200 weighmasters across the state. The Division also oversees an emergency program that will ensure strategically located retail gas stations in the downstate region will be able to continue to dispense motor fuel during an energy or fuel supply emergency using transfer switches and generators.

The Division inspects and tests classes of commercial devices that are not generally tested by municipal officials because of the cost of the test equipment and/or the specialized training required. These classes include liquid propane gas meters, large capacity vehicle scales and terminal rack meters. It also operates a testing facility at the New York State Fairgrounds for testing axle weigh scales used by law enforcement officials to enforce weight limits on New York State roadways.

On the consumer protection side, the Division inspects retail establishments to ensure prices are posted for units offered for sale and customers are charged the posted price. It also assists local law enforcement in the prevention of credit card scams at gas stations. The team also investigates business and consumer complaints.