The Division of Plant Industry preserves and strengthens New York State’s agricultural industry by protecting plant health and enhancing the marketability of its agricultural products for domestic and export purposes. Division staff includes inspectors located across the state who conduct greenhouse and nursery inspectors to detect and prevent the spread of diseases and harmful invasive species. The Division also promotes integrated pest management, regulates the sale of seed and fertilizers, and ensures the health of honey bees.

The Division of Plant Industry is charged with co-chairing the New York Invasive Species Council and the Invasive Species Advisory Committee, ensuring the availability of properly labeled agricultural commodities, such as commercial fertilizers, agricultural liming materials, composts, seed and soil, and plant inoculants. It also monitors the sales and security of Ammonium nitrate within the state.

Housed within the Plant Industry Division is the New York State Seed Testing Laboratory. The Seed Testing Laboratory tests 800 samples annually to ensure that seed purchased by New York State farmers and consumers is true to label claim, meets minimum germination standards, and is free of noxious weed seeds.

The Division also administers the Industrial Hemp Agricultural Research Pilot Program to study the growth, cultivation, or marketing of industrial hemp.