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Division of Milk Control and Dairy Services

Division of Milk Control and Dairy Services


The Division of Milk Control and Dairy Services assures the sanitary processing and distribution of milk and dairy products and monitors and regulates certain related economic aspects of the industry in New York State. The Division has a dual role to protect the health and welfare of the people of New York State and to help promote the agricultural economic development of the dairy industry through various economic controls and programs.

Inspectors located throughout the state conduct on-site dairy plant/processor public health inspections as well as dairy product sampling and testing in coordination with the Department’s Food Laboratory. The Division of Milk Control submits over 15,000 samples for analysis every year. That is more than 42 every day of the year. Staff also respond to consumer complaints regarding dairy products.

The Division is also responsible for licensing New York State’s dairy processing businesses. Staff reviews and assures compliance of dairy product labels for consumer packaging and approves new and innovative equipment to be used for dairy processing and/or distribution.

Dairy is the largest sector of the agricultural industry and makes up approximately half of agricultural sales that drive the state’s economy. The Division monitors the dairy industry by collecting and analyzing statistical reports from the state’s dairy industry, which includes production figures.

The Division administers a fund to ensure that New York State milk producers are paid for the milk they produce and oversees the Dairy Promotion Order Board, a fund to encourage the consumption of milk and dairy products and research on new and innovative uses for milk.

Finally, the Division has the unique opportunity to guide the layout, design and building process for New York’s new dairy processing facilities, helping to get the business launched and operational.