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Division of Land and Water Resources

Division of Land and Water Resources


The mission of the Division of Land and Water Resources is to help protect and enhance New York State's natural resources and working landscapes.

The Division works to protect New York’s land and water resources through farmland protection, farmland conservation, and proactive environmental stewardship. Staff focus on two major areas: the Agricultural Protection Services Unit and the Soil and Water Conservation Services Unit.

The Agricultural Protection Services Unit helps maintains viable agricultural lands, farm operations and the production of crops, livestock and livestock products through its Agricultural District program and the Farmland Protection programs.

The Division also works with the state’s 58 county Soil and Water Districts for natural resource protection, from major urban centers to the rural agricultural areas of New York State.

Additionally, Division staff assist the New York State Soil and Water Conservation Committee to deliver two programs: the New York State Agriculture Nonpoint Source Abatement and Control Program for the implementation of farm conservation practices to address on farm pollution concerns, and the Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) Program for conservation planning purposes.

The Committee additionally advises all agencies of government on matters relating to natural resource conservation and works with state and federal agencies to reduce pollution of the state's soil, water, and air to improve the quality of these resources.

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