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Division of Food Safety and Inspection

Division of Food Safety and Inspection


The Division of Food Safety and Inspection works to ensure that New York State’s food and feed supply is safe to consume. Annually, inspectors located across the state conduct on average of 35,000 sanitary inspections of New York State’s retail food establishments and wholesale establishments (which includes food and beverage manufacturing facilities, farm wineries/cideries/breweries/distilleries, slaughter houses, rendering plants, live bird markets warehouses, and distributors).

The Department’s largest Division, the Division of Food Safety and Inspection has a robust food surveillance program, regularly discovering products found to contain undeclared ingredients and live pathogens. Most recently, the Division was involved in several investigations regarding products contaminated with heavy metals and industrial dyes. This work received recognition by the FDA and led to several recalls and seizure of contaminated products.

In addition to regular inspections, the Division handles licensing of the state’s food processing and retail food establishments, collects food products for analysis by the Department’s Food Laboratory, investigates consumer complaints, and verifies product labeling. The Division also hosts New York’s Commercial Animal Feed, Pet Food, and Farm Products programs.