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Division of Agricultural Development

Division of Agricultural Development


The Division of Agricultural Development’s mission is to strengthen the viability and raise consumer awareness of New York’s food and agricultural industry.

The Division has team members in Albany and Brooklyn, split into four main areas:

  • The Farmers’ Market and Nutrition team, which handles initiatives such as the Farm to School, Farmers’ Market Nutrition, FreshConnect, and the Women Infant and Children (WIC) Fruit and Vegetable Checks programs.
  • The Marketing and Promotion team, which works together to increase sales and exposure for New York food and beverage producers through the Taste NY and New York State Grown & Certified programs.
  • The Business Development group, which provides information and assistance on a range of programs intended to protect and grow New York State’s agriculture industry. The team handles Farm Products Dealer Licensing, crop insurance, Market Order administration, Specialty Crop Block grants, the Organic Certification Cost Reimbursement Program, and the Wood Products Development Council.
  • The New York City office, which oversees a variety of statewide and local programs to support urban agriculture and connect upstate growers with downstate markets. Initiatives covered by this team include community gardens, urban agriculture, new and beginning farmer, rural development, and veteran farmers.