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Careers in Dairy

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The Dairy Industry

New York’s dairy industry is a critical sector of the state’s economy and as its leading agricultural sector, dairy accounts for approximately one-half of New York’s total agricultural income. New York State has nearly 3,200 dairy producers that produce over 15 billion pounds of milk annually, making New York the nation’s fifth largest dairy state. New York’s unique and talented dairy producers and processors provide significant contributions to New York’s agriculture industry, the economy, and to the health of our communities.

Career Opportunities


Dairy is the largest single segment of New York’s agricultural industry, offering a wide range of exciting and fulfilling career opportunities in a variety of areas including production, processing and distribution. Careers in the dairy industry offer competitive salaries and benefits, and workers with specialized dairy skills are in high demand.

Unlock your potential and explore careers in New York’s dairy industry today! View the video below to see the wide range of job opportunities in the dairy industry.

Job Opportunities
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The New York State Department of Labor offers job search services to help connect workers with agricultural jobs in New York.

Workforce Development Pipelines for Dairy Industry

The “Catalog of New York State Workforce Development Pipelines for the Dairy Industry” is a document that contains information about dairy and agriculture-related workforce development programs, opportunities and funding streams in the State.

While the document is intended to be a resource for New York’s dairy industry, jobseekers can use this document to explore various pathways available to enter the agriculture workforce, including paid apprenticeship programs for individuals with no prior training.

Catalog topics include:

• Pipeline to Youth and Future Generations of Workers
• Pipeline to Skilled Workers
• Pipeline to Workers Interested in Agriculture with No Training
• Workforce Services and Funding Available in New York State
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Learn About the Benefits of Developing the Dairy Workforce

Agriculture careers go well beyond farming. As one of the top dairy producers in the nation, New York needs more workers in the dairy industry. In addition to dairy farmworkers, there is a growing demand for other dairy-related jobs like engineers, veterinarians, environmental scientists, and business managers.

There are many pathways for students to enter dairy-related careers – from apprenticeship programs with no prior training requirement to college programs preparing the next generation of scientists and engineers.

The Catalog of New York State Workforce Development Pipelines for the Dairy Industry is a free one-stop resource to easily connect students with programs and opportunities leading to successful dairy careers in New York.

This webinar provides an overview of the catalog and the various dairy career pathways available to students. In addition, a team of agriculture and workforce experts share their unique perspectives on the dairy workforce and why engaging with youth is so important.