The requirements on this page apply to any person who operates any single location or mobile unit which pasteurizes fluid milk or manufactures milk into other dairy products.

Plants that Process Milk

Any plants that receive milk from producers, cooperatives, or other milk dealers and process it into fluid milk or a manufactured product (cheese, yogurt, sour cream, etc.) must fill out the forms below to become properly licensed and permitted.

Reports for Plants that Process Milk

Licensed plants that process milk must submit several reports each month, depending on the plant’s specific circumstances.

In each report, please include:

  • Route Sales - Schedule D (Sales to the final destination before reaching the consumer. These are sales to stores, restaurants, institutions/schools/hospitals, vending machines, or homes.)
  • Subdealer Sales - Schedule H (Sales to other licensed dealers, warehouses, depots, or any distribution center that makes its own deliveries or has route sales of its own.)

If milk is received from producers or a cooperative, please also include security requirements, a milk receiver license, and a DPO Assessment.

Learn more about the Milk Security Program:

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Plants that Do Not Receive Milk

Plants that do not receive milk (e.g., plants that deal with cut and wrap cheese production), may also have certain filing requirements.

Plants that Make Ice Cream from Frozen Dessert Mix

Plants that only manufacture ice cream from frozen dessert mix must fill out the following forms.