Milk Processing Equipment


By regulation, any person who installs equipment on a dairy farm or in a milk plant must register with the Department.

The Division inspects and approves new and modified milk processing equipment to be installed by the industry to ensure conformity to specifications. The Division trains its own staff and dairy industry personnel on various technical aspects of dairy equipment as well as the proper cleaning, construction and installation of such equipment.

Dairy Farm Applications and Plans

Prior to the installation or modification of any milking or milk handling equipment on the farm, the equipment dealer must submit adequate plans in triplicate using either form DMC-1517, "Application to Install a Pipeline Milking or Transfer System on a Dairy Farm", or form DMC-1569, "Application to Install Milk Related Equipment".

The dealer must send one copy of all such plans to the certified milk inspector (CMI) assigned to the producer where the equipment is being installed. The two remaining copies should be sent to the DPS II assigned to the county in which the producer resides. Next, DMC-1570, the official notice that the equipment can or cannot be installed, will be completed and returned to the dealer for all pipeline and equipment applications. The CMI assigned to the dairy farm is responsible to comply with Part 2 Section 2.6(2) (vii).

When a new dairy producer has not yet been assigned to any one milk purchasing company or cooperative, the applications and plans must go to the regional DPS II Supervisor assigned to that county. Once the dairy farm has been assigned to a milk plant, the CMI shall take responsibility of the initial approval.

If the dairy farm is doing the installation, the applications and plans must be submitted to its assigned DPS II Supervisor and the CMI. The dairy farm shall comply with all of Part 2 Section 2.64(b) regulations.

If the dairy equipment installer is only responsible for a part of the construction or installation, the applications and plans shall clearly indicate the items being submitted for approval. The dairy farm will be inspected by CMI.

Milk Plants and Transfer Stations

The dairy equipment installer shall submit applications and plans to the assigned milk plant DPS II and the Division's dairy equipment specialist. A letter of intent should accompany the applications and plans to help explain the installation or modifications being done. Also, any part of the installation and/or construction that is to be completed by the milk plant shall be included in the letter. If the milk plant is to conduct the construction and/or installation, the applications and plans must be submitted to the assigned DPS II. The milk plant shall comply with all of Part 2 Section 2.64. The PPS shall comply with NYCRR Part 2, section 2.6(b)(2).

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