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Business Development

Business Development in New York State
Helping to Protect and Grow Businesses

Agriculture is a major driver of New York's economy, contributing billions of dollars in sales annually. Our Department is dedicated to growing the industry and raising consumer awareness of local food and beverages through promotion, education, and financial and technical assistance.

From marketing programs such as the Taste NY and NYS Grown & Certified® programs, to assistance with exporting products or starting a new farm operation, the Department works with the agricultural community to connect farms to new markets, increase sales and exposure of New York products, and help protect and grow businesses across the state.

Programs Reach New Customers

Taste NY introduces consumers to the world-class products made right here in New York, helping to create new economic opportunities for our farmers and for our food and beverage producers.

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USDA Regional Food Business Center Grant Opportunity

USDA’s announcement of the Regional Food Business Center Program has been met with a large amount of interest and excitement. The Department is leading a collaboration to develop a comprehensive application for a Northeast center. We are currently collaborating with other state departments of agriculture, land grant universities, and other key partners to identify a broad northeast region and envision a center that can serve a wide range of farm and food businesses and meet the long-term goals of the region.

Learn more about the opportunity and how to submit your comments at the links below.

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