Animal shelters, rescue organizations and other non-profit entities that offer animal adoptions in New York that are required to register with the Department, per legislation signed in August 2017. This is part of an effort  to provide increased transparency to potential pet owners.

Get Registered

To register, entities should fill out the application form below and submit it to the Department. 

After the registration application is approved, the entity will then receive a Pet Shelter and Rescue Dealer Registration Number. This number should be prominently displayed on all organization websites, publications, and advertisements made to the public. This lets consumers know that the entity is registered with the Department and has been determined to have legitimate not-for-profit status.

Spay/Neuter Deposits

Any dog or cat from being released for adoption from any pound, shelter, or animal rescue organization must be spayed or neutered unless the person adopting the animal has a written agreement to them spayed or neutered within thirty days from the adoption date, or within thirty days of the dog or cat reaching six months of age. The adopter must deposit $35.00 with the pound, shelter, or animal rescue organization to be remitted to the Department if they fail to spay or neuter the animal within ninety of its adoption or within sixty days after the animal has reached six months of age. 

Unclaimed deposits must be remitted to the Department using the form below and returned to the address on the form.  

Find a Rescue or Shelter

If you are looking to adopt an animal from a shelter or rescue organization, please visit the Department's list of registered rescues and shelters to see the registered entities in New York State.

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