A father and daughter playing with a small black puppy on the floor of a pet store.

Pet Dealers

Ensuring that dogs and cats are properly cared for while kept by pet dealers.
The Pet Dealer Licensing Program
Ensuring Proper Care, Housing, and Healthcare for Pets

Under the New York State Pet Dealer Licensing Law, New York State oversees New York pet dealers. The primary goals of New York State Pet Dealer Licensing Program are to ensure that dogs and cats are properly cared for; have adequate and humane housing; and receive veterinary care while kept by pet dealers. Further, the program provides consumers purchasing dogs and cats from pet dealers with the information concerning the animal's health, medical history, and origin.

Become a Pet Dealer

You must be licensed as a pet dealer if your facility sells or offers to sell nine or more dogs and/or cats per year, and under certain other conditions.

To obtain a pet dealer license, an interested applicant should submit a completed application to the Department with the appropriate non-refundable application fee.

Licenses are valid for one year from issuance, and must be renewed 30 days prior to their expiration date.

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Licensed pet dealers must designate an attending veterinarian to provide veterinary care to the dealer’s animals, including a written program of veterinary care and regular visits to the pet dealer's premises.

Rescue Registry
Register to Offer Animals for Adoption

Animal shelters, rescue organizations, and other non-profit entities that offer animal adoptions are required to register with the Department.

This is part of an effort  to provide increased transparency to potential pet owners and helps them determine which organizations have legitimate not-for-profit status.

Shelters and rescues must fill out an application and receive a Pet Shelter and Rescue Dealer Registration Number.

Certificates of Veterinary Inspection
View the archive of completed Certificates of Veterinary Inspection