Horses & Other Equidae


There are a variety of diseases that horse owners should be aware of. These include:

Visit Cornell University and the USDA for more information about each of these diseases.

Diseases need to be reported to the Department when they meet certain criteria.


Freeze branding is allowed in New York for horses, but is not considered official identification. The Department maintains a brand registry. If you wish to register a brand you can send your design to our office.

We will compare your brand to our registry and will register it if it is unique. Branding is not considered veterinary practice. You may need a veterinarian if tranquilization is necessary.

Please note that although freeze brands are not considered official identification, they are permanent identification and as such should be recorded on test charts and Certificates of Veterinary Inspection.

Import & Export


The requirements for importing horses and equidae into New York State are:

  • Certificate of Veterinary Inspection issued within 30 days of entry by an accredited veterinarian.
  • For animals 6 months of age and older, a negative test report for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) conducted during the 12 months preceding importation. 
    • Electronic EIA (Coggins) test reports must include 3 pictures of the tested horse or a complete physical description.

No permit number is required for importation into New York State.


Special Considerations

In addition to New York State import requirements, animals whose destination is within New York City may be subject to New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene regulations. Horses entering New York City for any reason must meet these regulations. Please visit their website or call (646) 364-1783.


The USDA has jurisdiction over international movement of animals. Any questions about international movement of animals or animal products should be directed to a USDA office. Contact the New York USDA office.



Emergency Information

See emergency import and export information.

Fair Information

Information about the 2022 fair admission requirements will be posted below when it is available, as well as on our Fairs page.

Programs & Permits

Domestic Animal Health Permits

The Department is concerned with animal disease control and traceability in all animals, including horses. To provide adequate control of infectious and communicable diseases, permits are issued to those who deal in, handle, and transport domestic animals. Any person who buys or sells horses is an animal dealer and must have a Domestic Animal Health Permit.

Permitted horse dealers must comply with Department laws and regulations regarding record books and record keeping; purchases from private parties; purchases at markets or auctions; slaughter; import; and horse purchase for personal use.

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