A mother and baby deer looking back at the camera, about to enter a wooded area.

Deer, Elk, & Other Cervids


There are a variety of diseases that cervid owners should be aware of. These include:

Visit Cornell University and the USDA for more information about each of these diseases.

Diseases need to be reported to the Department when they meet certain criteria.

CWD Genomic Testing

A USDA grant is available to fund the testing of white-tailed deer in NYS CWD Certified herds for their genetic susceptibility to CWD. Applications will be open from November 1, 2023, to September 15, 2024. More information about CWD GEBV testing is available in this brochure below. Owners of WTD in CWD Certified herds interested in this testing can complete and submit this application available below.


Producers can request tags and taggers free of charge using the Ear Tag Order Form below.

Import & Export

Emergency Information

See emergency import and export information.



Importation of Chronic Wasting Disease susceptible species is prohibited.

All interstate and intrastate movements of cervids in New York must first have a permit issued by the Department. To acquire a movement permit you must apply at least 10 business days prior to the desired move date. The application must include the origin herd number and premise identification number, and the destination herd number and premise identification number. Contact the Division of Animal Industry for more information on permitting. 

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Additional requirements include:

  • Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) issued within 30 days of entry by your accredited veterinarian.
  • Proper identification of all animals in the shipment.
    • Each animal must be identified with 2 forms of identification, including 1 form of visible identification. 
      • USDA approved official identification (US Shield or approved 840 microchip)
      • Unique animal identification
    • All forms of identification present on each animal must be recorded on the CVI.
  • Adherence to testing requirements. Brucellosis and Tuberculosis tests are required.


Special Considerations

In addition to New York State import requirements, animals whose destination is within New York City may be subject to New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene regulations. Cervids entering New York City for any reason must meet these regulations. Please visit their website or call (646) 364-1783.


The USDA has jurisdiction over international movement of animals. Any questions about international movement of animals or animal products should be directed to a USDA office. The New York USDA office phone number is (518) 218-7540.

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Fair Information

The Department's Division of Animal Industry sets guidelines to help ensure the health and safety of animals at county fairs across New York, in addition to the Great New York State Fair. Animal health requirements for 2024 county fairs and the New York State Fair are available below. Learn more about fairs in New York.

Programs & Permits

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Certification Program

All captive deer herds must be enrolled in a program. Premises that house CWD-susceptible species must be enrolled in the Herd Certification Program to be eligible to sell or move live deer from the premises.

Download the application


Captive Bred White-tailed Deer License

This license authorizes individuals to breed captive white-tailed deer and operate a commercial or private deer hunting preserve. Licensed individuals must be the owner or lessee of the facility premises.

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Domestic Animal Health Permits

The Department is concerned with animal disease control and traceability in all animals, including horses. To provide adequate control of infectious and communicable diseases, permits are issued to those who deal in, handle, and transport domestic animals. Any person who buys or sells horses is an animal dealer and must have a Domestic Animal Health Permit.



Movement permits must be obtained from the Division before any live cervids move into or within New York from one premise or herd to another premise or herd. This includes:

  • Animals moving from a chronic wasting disease (CWD) Certified Breeding Herd into a Special Purpose Herd Hunting Preserve on the same farm.
  • Animals moving from one breeding herd to another breeding herd.
  • Animals moving directly to slaughter (at an approved harvest facility).
  • Animals on exhibition.

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Additionally, reindeer herds that are enrolled in and in good standing with the CWD Herd Certification Program and have a current TB Accredited herd status may apply for a Seasonal Exhibition Permit. Permits will be issued at the discretion of the Division of Animal Industry.

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