Animal-Related Complaints

Our Scope of Work

The Division of Animal Industry has staff in Albany and inspectors and veterinarians located across the state. The Division is responsible for ensuring animal and public health through surveillance for animal diseases of significance to agriculture; control and eradication of infectious and contagious diseases in New York State livestock and poultry; and implementation of pre-harvest food safety measures at the farm level. The Division also regulates dog licensing, sets standards for humane care of seized dogs, and inspects municipal animal shelters for animal care. 

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Types of Complaints

The Department reviews all complaints expressing concern regarding the care, facility, operation and record keeping of any licensed pet dealer. These complaints should be made directly to the Department using the complaint form below.

If you have a concern about the care or welfare of livestock and poultry, please contact your local law enforcement or SPCA directly. Issues of noise, odor, sanitation, and animal cruelty are regulated at the municipal level, and are not in the Department's jurisdiction. 

In addition, for issues of noise or odor associated with a farm near you, please learn more about the Department's past Sound Agricultural Practices decisions. These may affect whether you may make a successful complaint to your municipality.