Animal disease reporting can be divided into two categories. The first is when the occurrence of disease is recognized but the specific disease or agent is unknown. The second is when a specific reportable disease has been identified, usually through laboratory confirmation or identification of a specific disease agent or toxin. 


In general terms, disease occurrence should be reported either if the disease is identified as one of the specific reportable diseases listed in the document below or if any of the following apply:

  • The disease presents as a new set of symptoms not previously recognized in the species of animal affected.
  • The same disease symptoms appear to be affecting animals in multiple locations.
  • A disease with a recognized seasonal or species distribution occurs in an unusual season or species.
  • There is a high morbidity rate among the affected animals (number affected/unit of time).
  • There is a high mortality rate among the affected animals (number dying/unit of time).
  • The disease affects the central nervous system.
  • The disease is a vesicular disease in ruminants, horses, or swine.
  • The disease is a hemorrhagic disease.

Reportable Diseases


    Reportable Disease List

    This document is the list of reportable diseases as requested by the Department of Agriculture and Markets Division of Animal Industry. Some diseases require immediate notification to animal health officials while others are monthly notifications. Diseases with an "X" next to them also require notification to the New York State Department of Health.



Contact the Animal Disease Reporting team

Any individual may report a disease outbreak or suspicious disease occurrence in animals by calling the Division of Animal Industry.


If you are a veterinarian, regulatory official, or diagnostic laboratory and need immediate assistance due to an animal health emergency, and it is after normal business hours, please call the New York State Emergency Management Office and your call will be directed to the appropriate individual.

Contact us by phone:

The Division of Animal Industry: (518) 457-3502
The New York State Emergency Management Office: (518) 292-2200