Counsel's Office

Counsel's Office provides legal advice and representation to the Department to enable it to exercise its powers and duties under the law. Its primary responsibilities include developing and coordinating the Department’s legislative program and commenting on proposed legislation relating to the work of the Department; working with program divisions to develop and adopt regulations; and representing the Department in judicial and administrative proceedings enforcing our law or representing the Department in challenges to its actions.

Counsel’s Office also assists the Department’s various divisions in executing contracts and other agreements, providing legal support services to the state Soil and Water Conservation Committee, advising staff regarding procurement issues, and conducting investigations. The Office also is responsible for responding to public requests for Department record, under FOIL.

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Fiscal Management

The Division of Fiscal Management provides financial and office services to support the programs and employees of the Department and ensures that state and other resources allocated to the Department are used effectively and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Fiscal Management administers all agency budget development, coordination and execution activities, and all fiscal and business management services.

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Human Resources

Human Resources facilitates the Department’s core mission by encouraging and supporting a diverse and productive workforce, continually improving individual and organizational effectiveness, and championing career and professional growth for its employees.

The Division manages all agency recruitment and terminations, classifies jobs to ensure equitable salary distribution based on position requirements, and develops examinations with the Department of Civil Service.


Human Resources also support Department success and its ability to meet its goals by developing succession plans, administering the Performance Evaluation Program, and presenting and arranging employee training for continued professional development.

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The New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets
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Internal Audit

The Department’s internal auditor is responsible for reviewing Department operations to assure compliance with management policies and the effectiveness of internal controls. The internal auditor also evaluates the Department’s processes for risk management and governance; identifies control weaknesses; and makes recommendations to correct these weaknesses.