Nourish New York

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Supporting New York Farms and Communities

Nourish New York reroutes surplus agricultural products to populations who need them most through NY's network of food banks.
Supporting New York Farms, Food Banks, and Communities in Need
Nourish New York

New York State's Nourish New York Initiative is a lifeline for our families and our farmers who have been struggling with changes brought on by COVID-19. This critical program helps people who are food insecure to access the nourishment that they need, while providing a market for farmers to sell their products. A total of $147 million has been dedicated to the program so far. The funding will allow New York's emergency food providers to continue to purchase surplus products from New York farmers and dairy manufacturers and deliver it to New York families in need through the end of the year.

New York farmers, suppliers, and processors are encouraged to share details about their available products, such as produce, meat, eggs, seafood, and dairy products, so food banks across the state can find New York agricultural food products to purchase and distribute to communities in need.

For more information, please email [email protected].

From Farms to Food Banks: the Nourish NY Initiative

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New York Farmers and Suppliers
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Organize a Drive-Through Event
If you are interested in hosting a charitable food drive-through event in response COVID-19, please read the guidance below.

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